Kids Cooking Class – Cape Girardeau


Looking for an innovative way to divert the children from endless screen time to learning a life skill in a fun and engaging atmosphere? Look no further than Kids Cook! at Gabriel’s Food and Wine. Taught by Gabriele, Kids Cook! teaches your children and/or grandchildren the value of participating as a group and experiencing individual success as they create pizza and/or pasta from organic ingredients and finish them into a complete entrée.

Held on Saturday mornings, Kids Cook! teaches young people skills such as cleanliness, following instructions, organization and teamwork. They learn the satisfaction of preparing fresh food for themselves and will want to share this new knowledge with the people they love.

Caution: this may foster a love of cooking!


$45 per child.   Call 573-803-2449 for dates and scheduling your kids’ cooking class .  Thanks!

“Learning essential life skills, such as cooking, helps children learn the value of interaction within the family.”

-Gabriele Ruggieri

Hours of Operation
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11:00am – 10:00pm


10:00am – 2:00pm

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